Sports Premium 2013/2014

Sports premium funding is additional funding, given to publicly funded schools so schools can extend their support to disadvantaged pupils in order to help close the attainment gap between these children and their peers.
Target AreaCost DetailsPotential ImpactMeasured Impact
Key Stage 2 (Years 5 and 6) Newcastle Eagles Basketball Club in partnership with Eagles Community Foundation (Hoops4Health)
£450 Coach
£150 Transport
Pupils will have four hours coaching from a qualified level two professional coach based on healthy living themes. Pupils will participate in the South Tyneside Hoops4Health Tournament. The four winning schools will progress to the finals which will take place at the University of Northumbria. Increase participation, motivation and enjoyment in sports activities.
Pupils who need to develop their spatial awareness, perceptual skills ie visual discrimination, visual memory, visual sequence, hand/eye, foot/eye co-ordination, body balance and memory SportsConnect – Balance Co-ordination Lunch Time Club £1,727.50 Pupils will increase their confidence, self esteem and become aware of their own personal strengths. Pupils will have more opportunities to take part in team games and develop skills that will become not only transferrable to PE but also when playing outside within their peer group. Increase confidence and self esteem. Gross muscle skills development enhances fine motor skill development. This then helps with work presentation. Enables children to access the PE curriculum in line with their peers.
All pupils
New outdoor PE equipment
Adapted bicycles to assist with balancing Conway Cycles £750
Outdoor Play Equipment
Bishop Sports and Leisure £584.00
Yorkshire Purchasing
Develop physical activity at break and lunch times.
Ensure pupils have access to quality equipment to develop a range of skills during PE sessions and after schools clubs.
Increased confidence. Increased activity level. Develops peer support, balance and co-ordination.
Affilliation to South Tyneside School Games
Yearly membership fee £2,000
Class Teacher attendance at Curriculum Planning
Attendance by Year 1 pupils at KS1 Multi Skills Festival
Pupils were involved in a variety of inter-school activities. Attendance at Mortimer Community College to take part in activities against other schools in South Tyneside. Increased participation, motivation and enjoyment in sport activities in inter-school competitive activities. Develop staff expertise.
Extra curricular schools activities Gymnastics £1,050
Zumba £1,050
Provide opportunity for pupils to develop personally, socially and physically through participating in gymnastics and zumba activities in a safe, challenging and enjoyable environment. Enable pupils to take responsibility for the organisation and development of their learning. Collaboration between children. Increased physical activity. Experience of different sporting activities. Spatial awareness development. Positive body awareness.