Sports Premium 2014/2015

Sports premium funding is additional funding, given to publicly funded schools so schools can extend their support to disadvantaged pupils in order to help close the attainment gap between these children and their peers.
Target AreaCost DetailsPotential ImpactMeasured Impact
SLA Affiliation (whole school) Yearly membership fee £2,000. Participation in the following events:- Pupils to participate in a variety of interschool games, competitions and festivals. Staff CPD.
(Y5/6) High Five Netball Tournament Temple Park (Y5/6) Football Match Temple Park

(Y5/6) Football Match Temple Park
(KS2) Cross Country Temple Park

PE Subject Leader:-
Module 1 Curriculum Planning - completed
Module 2 Assessment for Learning - completed
Increased participation, motivation and enjoyment in sport activities, games and events including inter-school competitions.

Developed staff expertise including developing assessment system that integrates with whole school assessment system Target Tracker.
Motor Skills Lunch Time Group Key Stage One and Two. Identified pupils who need to develop their spatial awareness, perceptual skills, i.e. visual, sequence, hand/eye, foot/eye co-ordination, body balance and memory. Sports Connect North East
Pupils will increase their confidence, self-esteem and become aware of their own personal strengths. Pupils will have more opportunities to take part in team games and develop skills that will become not only transferrable to PE but also when playing outside within their peer group. Increase in confidence and self-esteem. Gross muscles skills development enhances fine motor skill development. This then helps with work presentation and enables children to access the PE curriculum in line with their peers.
Year 6 Newcastle Eagles Basketball Club in partnership with Eagles Community Foundation (Hoops4Health) £150 Pupils will have four hours coaching from a qualified level two professional coach based on healthy living themes. Pupils will participate in South Tyneside Hoops4Health Tournament. Increase participation, motivation and enjoyment in sport activities. Children participated in Hoops4Health inter-school competition.
Extra-Curricular Activities Football (Foundation of Light) Boxing and Fitness (Harton and Westoe) Eat, Sleep and Hoop £840 Provide pupils with opportunities to develop personally, socially and physically through participating in extra curricular activities in a safe, challenging and enjoyable environment. Enable pupils to take responsibilities for organization and development of their learning. Collaboration between children and outside of school coaches. Increased opportunities for participation in physical activities. Experience of different sporting activities. Opportunities for motivation and enjoyment in sporting activities.
New Football Strips Bolam Premiership Sportswear £303.98 Provide children with an experience of feeling proud to be chosen to represent the school and encourage team spirit. Sense of enjoyment, pride and achievement in representing the school.
All pupils new outdoor PE equipment
Wheel Scooters (x 3)
Large 2 Wheeled Scooter (x 2)
Outdoor Activity Mats (x16)
Circleline Scooter (x 2)
Circleline Easy Rider (x 2)
Foam mats for PE
Winther Trike (x 3)
Wheeled Scooter (x 3)
Continental Sports and Yorkshire Purchasing
Develop physical activity at break and lunch times. Ensure pupils have access to quality equipment to develop a range of skills during PE sessions and after school clubs. Created more opportunities for KS2 children to develop balance, control, spacial awareness and sense of enjoyment. Some equipment has been used to increase participation in Sustrans organized events.
Kingswood Residential Activity Centre Year 6 £30 per pupil – visit subsidised Pupils will participate in a large variety of outdoor activities which include canoeing, climbing and caving. The aim is to ensure that the trip is an enriching experience for the pupils. Children’s skills, abilities and confidence developed. Increased physical activity. Enjoyment in sport. Participated in snowball league cup and other interschool competitions and events.