Reading Plus for Years 4 and 5

Want to keep practising Reading. Year 4 and 5 can now use Reading Plus – an online Reading programme – a fun way to keep improving reading skills.

There are lots of different texts to choose from. The more you read – the more rewards you collect.


For an overview of what Reading Plus is and what to expect, you can watch this video -


Reading Plus Login Instructions

Step 1: Open Internet Browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge etc.)

Step 2: Search by entering the words- Reading Plus Student login

Step 3: Select the site, usually it will be the first option that appears on the menu.

Step 4: Enter the school Site Code: rpholyt7

Step 5: Enter Username: your 1st name and 1st initial of your surname e.g. Harry Styles would be harrys (all lower case and no spaces) 

Step 6: Enter password: qwerty (all lower case)

Step 7: Complete the baseline assessment; watch and listen to the videos when they appear as they will give you instructions on how to complete the assessment and navigate around the program. Once this is completed you will reach your own dashboard.

Step 8: Decorate your own dashboard with the avatars

Step 9: Start lessons, you will be set 5 Comprehension lessons and 1 Vocabulary lesson per week- if you complete this minimum amount you can then unlock Visual Skills lessons as a reward. There is no weekly limit on the lessons you can complete so go for it.