Aims of the Academy

Aims of the Academy:
  1. To provide a welcoming, caring and supportive environment in which Christian values are central to the life of the school;
  2. Striving for excellence in teaching, learning and all aspects of school life;
  3. To provide a rich and varied experience of learning which is
    1. enjoyable;
    2. rewarding;
    3. builds confidence;
    4. helps develop good working habits;
    5. incorporates opportunities to reflect;
    6. fosters attitudes based on honesty, trust, tolerance, understanding and respect for others that develop from a sense of self-worth;
    7. develops lively, enquiring minds with the ability to question, investigate, and solve problems;
    8. begins to form the personal values that will help children make sense of the world in which they live and form positive relationships;
  4. To help children grow in their own faith, and through that, to come to respect and understand other faiths and other ways of life;
  5. To help children to form the values that will help them make moral decisions and choices throughout their lives;
  6. To nurture and develop those skills and attitudes necessary for children to be able to take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour;
  7. To nurture links with parents/carers, the Church and the local community.
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