School Council

A school council is a group of pupils elected by their fellow pupils to represent their opinions and raise issues with your headteacher and governors in the school. The school council can also take forward projects on behalf of the pupils, and be involved in planning and things like the School Development Plan, governing body meetings and interviewing staff.
Year 1 Oliver and Eleanor  
Year 2 Charlie and Ava 
Year 3 Ellie Mae and Shaedyn 
Year 4 Oliver and Jaycee 
Year 5 Ryan and Erin
Year 6 Abby and Keane
Quotes from our School Council Representatives.
'I like helping people and taking care of everyone'
'I enjoy the meetings'
'I like being a School Councillor because I have an important job to do'
'I like being a School Councillor because people know if they are stuck they can come and see us'
'I like going to the meetings and then telling my class all about the meetings'
'I have taken my class friends ideas and shared them at the meetings'